Jamie has been abusing computers since he was a little lad. What began as a curiosity quickly turned into an obsession. As senior editor for Techgage, Jamie handles content publishing, web development, news and product reviews, with a focus on peripherals, audio, networking, and full systems. The extra F keys might have been better served as scp-containment-breach.down4you.software/ dedicated gaming keys rather than duplicates. If you are cash strapped and have a need for macros, as well as a little bling on the side with some backlighting, I can not fault the ARES Combo from GAMDIAS.

  • But swapping out a Corsair K95, complete with wrist rest and full-height mechanical keys, for the G815 left me feeling like I just had more room to move things around without my keyboard being an obstacle.
  • Enter the MK Typist, and thanks again to Mechanicalkeyboards for providing a review sample for us to examine.
  • It’s a full size board with a numpad and even a line of dedicated gaming keys, and isn’t actually much smaller than other boards, in terms of width and length.
  • Typing on the G815 with the new GL Tactile switches feels fantastic.
  • Even though it was technically a mechanical switch, it felt mushy and membranical – and not like something I would ever want to pay $200 for.
  • There are also two plastic feet that pop out of the bottom that raise the keys up at an angle, if you prefer.

If you can get it for $20-$25, then you will have a very competent pair of peripherals. Obviously, it’s not going to match the more premium products for comfort and overall features, but it gets the basics spot on. We look forward to seeing what GAMDIAS offers in the future and will be keeping an eye on it from now on.

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I’m an above-average typist, usually achieving around 60 words per minute. On the Ergonomic Keyboard, I managed 53, and that was after several hours’ practice. I normally touch type without looking at the keys, but I had to steal significant downward glances and resist the urge for my left hand to cross the bulge into the exclusive right-hand zone. The heft is noticeable as soon as you take the Ergonomic Keyboard out of the box, and dimensions confirm it. With the removable front tilt leg installed, the board stands a commanding 2.39 inches high and has a depth of 10.33 inches. Compare that with a height of just 1.6 inches for theLogitech Ergo K860, another split ergonomic keyboard. The tilt leg angles the keys further away from you to ensure a neutral angle in case your chair positions your elbows higher than your wrists.

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If not, the tilt leg is easily removable—it snaps into and out of place. The upward bulge means the Ergonomic Keyboard strictly forces your hands apart so they aren’t tempted to roam freely above the keys. They’re coerced into taking up positions once taught in middle-school typing classes, with your pointer fingers resting above the F and J keys and all of the other fingers assigned to strike specific keys. Meanwhile, your wrists remain on the luxuriously soft, oversized fabric wrist wrest, which also has a bulge in the middle to further enforce hand separation. In addition to saving your wrists from stress, the Microsoft Ergonomic Keyboard offers plenty of typing comfort in a stylish package plus a comprehensive array of shortcut keys.

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There’s also a dedicated Office key next to the Emoji key, which launches the Office 365 splash screen. I have a local version of Office installed, so I don’t find this particularly useful. Finally, you get three unlabeled keys that can perform custom actions. By default, they were assigned to open a File Explorer window and launch Excel and Word on my review unit. I anticipate this experience will dissipate over time as I continue to acclimate to the ergonomic layout, but it’s still not an ideal first experience. If you’ve got mission-critical typing to do, it’s probably best to delay your purchase of the Ergonomic Keyboard until you finish it. Alas, typing on an ergonomic board requires a significant amount of adjustment if you’ve never used one before.

HERA also provides a launcher for the other GAMDIAS products. Clicking on the icons in the bottom for other product listings will bring up graphics showing the other peripherals. These will then take you to their respective webpages for you to read up on if you wish.