Tales are not just an important repository of a people’s culture, but in addition a robust personal apparatus going to always check unfavorable conduct.

“La Segua” try a Costa Rican legend that chastises incorrect and loose women actions, including drunken and unfaithful activity of men, therefore reinforcing gender stereotypes within a Latin-American perspective. The story takes place in Cartago, the outdated funds of Costa Rica (before it ended up being moved to San Jose in 1823).

Cartago had been the oldest Spanish settlement in Costa Rica, dating back to to 1563; the reality that the storyline of Los Angeles Segua takes place in Cartago was significant, because tale is fundamentally colonial in general, and as such, it provides both indigenous and Spanish items which certainly complement but in addition clash with one another.

The gist associated with the story is the after. There seemed to be as soon as an attractive Cartaginesa (feminine inhabitant of Cartago) of blended Indian and Spanish blood. The woman is normally depicted as having beautiful white skin which contrasts with her jet black vision and cascading long hair. One of several variations in the legend claims that she fell deeply in love with a Spanish policeman who tricked the lady and out of cash the girl heart.

The actual way the guy “tricked” the woman just isn’t completely clear, but there’s a very clear advice it engaging some incorrect advances, sexual in nature, and very forbidden for a girl from an effective Catholic family. After the Spanish rogue had disappeared, the lady went crazy, and a horrible curse befell this lady, flipping the woman into a monster, permanently destined to inquire lonely highways.

La Segua*, as monster is known as, presents since gorgeous woman that she used to be, and she waits by roadside for unsuspecting guys who would getting driving her horses after an extended night of heavy drinking around. Interested in the wonder, they take to offer the girl a ride to their horse, but as they turnaround, in place of beholding the enchanting companion, they come face to face with a horrendous beast together with the skull of a horse and fiery yellow vision. The alert is obvious: males should steer clear just from heavy-drinking, but the majority importantly, from attractive depressed women that can tempt them from the their loved ones existence. Women are maybe not excused through the caution. To be able to not changed into a heinous apparition, cursed to wonder permanently, unmarried ladies cannot surrender to progress of men.

Additionally, Los Angeles Segua’s fortune is as poor since it is, because like Los Angeles Malinche, the Mexican Indian lady exactly who supported as Cortes’s translator and partner (Cortes ended up being the ruthless,main Spanish conquistador of Mexico), this woman is betraying her people by falling deeply in love with a Spaniard, the oppressor.

Though Los Angeles Segua was of mixed blood, in a colonial framework that will not put this lady on the same levels as folks of “pure” Spanish origin. Consequently, La Segua does not just betray the honor of this lady family considering her licentious habits, but by resting using opponent. After presenting this Costa Rican legend, practical question concerning the “Gothic” characteristics within this account remains. Yes, discover Gothic elements, such as for example a curse, probeer dit the supernatural, fear, the monster, the naive driver on a lonely highway,coming upon this terrible animal which very nearly scares them to dying, etc. But should this kind of legend, and various other myths which can be folkloric be looked at Gothic, since they have these characteristics?

Are these stories, owned by a dental traditions, too remote to the written and today filmic customs as considered Gothic? I am presenting two more Costa Rican conventional myths that may ideally stimulate a discussion along these grounds.

A lot more frightening animals, drunken boys and disobedient women are available, but before the further legend, we are able to all look at the issue of so how “Gothic” or otherwise not a legend are, and perhaps even remember European advice that may describe the condition somewhat. *Segua seems to are based on the word “Sihua,” meaning woman in Nahuatl. Nahuatl is actually a team of Mesoamerican dialects of Aztecan or Nahuan origin. Aztecs spoke Nahuatl, and currently 1.5 million people in Central Mexico speak a Nahuan language. There is an Indian legend with the Sihuanaba or Segua in Nicaragua, plus they, the Sihuehuet or “beautiful woman” enjoys a love affair together with the daughter from the god Tlaloc. She has their son, in order in order to satisfy the lady lover, she’s an awful mom, continuously leaving her boy by yourself.