Fortunately, we understand how to break out passes in Episode. Just use this on the internet generator and set every little thing up. Okay, so you might have heard about the app, Episode-Choose Your Story. Well, I have a lot of fun playing it (as I know a trick to get passes in 2 seconds!) So, I play about 30 episodes daily.

They cannot end in the middle of a choice or with a place. This may be because you played your story earlier and did not reset the story’s state. In that case, it will always go with the first choice you made. Make sure that every time you test your story, you tap the “Navigation” button and then “Reset Story State”. We can’t sell the rights to your story to a movie or TV studio, make it into a book, or hire some new writer to write your story for you without your permission.

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Out of every game on this list, Campus Crush is probably theclosest to Episode. However, I don’t think that that inherently means that it’s the best Episode alternative. Because while this game has Episode’s strengths, it also has all of its weaknesses, too. You get a free pass by reading four chapters of another user’s story. The platform also offers daily challenges, with rewards available in free passes and gems. You get free gems and passes when other users start playing and investing in your storyline.

Deleting the app from iTunes just means it will have to be re-downloaded the next time the device is synced. Make sure you’ve deleted the games you Episode Choose Your Story apk want to reset. Some of those games will push the local saved data to iCloud even if you’ve deleted the data in iCloud. Deleting the game from iOS devices usually removes the game stored data, unless, those data are stored in iCloud.

Overview Of Episode Choose Your Story Mod Apk:

It could be a love story or anything that you want. The story counties until you want it to be so there is no losing or winning. Gems can help you to purchase other premium characters and stories where as you will need the passes to read the stories which will help you to understand what is happening. As you know, ads become the cause of irritating for the players. When the ads appear while enjoying romance, they lose the entire excitement.

  • In this game, you play as an engineering student, who is finishing up a prototype for a robot.
  • And also stop making us pay gems for our story to be on the shelf.
  • So, if you wish to create better stories, you might need all the resources you can afford.
  • Therefore, it is launched with a feature of no advertisement.
  • In the Radiolab world, information sounds like music and science and culture collide.

It requires the player to line his own avatar and go around creating his own story. Write and publish your own very personal interactive stories on Episode’s stage, gathering tens of tens of thousands and tens of thousands of reads yourself. If you desire to have Episode – Choose Your Story on other Android devices but get trouble with the download process from Google Play Store, go ahead to manually download the APK file. You should only choose trusted sources like to download the updated version of Episode – Choose Your Story.