Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg has taken notice, hopping on the app last month before reportedly instructing his company to develop its own Clubhouse clone. Twitter, meanwhile, has been busy rolling out Spaces, its own audio-driven conversations feature. And Spotify, which has spent big bucks over the last two years to make its app a real player in the podcasting world, should have its guard up, too. Clubhouse is a new audio-based social media platform that’s currently invite-only. You can use the app to listen in or participate in different discussions on different topics—sometimes with celebrities like Elon Musk, Kevin Hart, Oprah, and others.

  • On February 10, 2021, Musk tweeted that he agreed to do Clubhouse with Kanye West.
  • The Clubhouse app doesn’t have much connection to the web right now.
  • Here are the basic Clubhouse controls to give you a quick idea of all the features.
  • Willoughby’s nephew Charles P. McCormick (1896–1970), began working for the company in the summer of 1912, during his high school years at Baltimore City College.
  • So number seven clubhouse does not give you an opportunity to add your LinkedIn profile in your bio with a live link.
  • It’s just a good vehicle for making yourself known to new people.

Investors are lining up for a piece of Clubhouse, sending its valuation skyward. So far, the app has received funding from venture firms Andreessen Horowitz and Kortschak Investments, as well as Moment Health CEO Tim Kendall. Clubhouse has been a hit with celebrities, and they’re fueling its popularity. It got a big boost from a recent Elon Musk interview hosted on the app. The Tesla CEO discussed colonizing Mars, cryptocurrencies bitcoin and dogecoin, and Robinhood . Other celebrities on Clubhouse include Tiffany Haddish, Kevin Hart, and Drake.

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So now you know how to listen to conversations and join rooms What about making your own room? You can make it social Clubhouse APK which is for people you follow, or you can make it closed and you specifically will choose out of the list of contacts you have in clubhouse. So once you do that, you can add a topic and it can be as silly or as serious as you want it to be. I am going to sit here and say, debate me, Cereal is soup. And then I can choose the people that I want to come participate in my conversation.

Once someone joins, you’ll see their name in your room and Clubhouse will categorise your attendees as people that ‘you or someone else in the room follows’ or not. The premise of Clubhouse is to create genuine connections, free of algorithms. Social media has some well-documented challenges, two of which Clubhouse are trying to solve. Academy Brush up on your skills in every aspect of content marketing with our learning platform, ContentCal Academy. B2B Business From startups right through to huge corporations. Managed Services Need a hand making the most of your content marketing?

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There is buzz about how people have leveraged their stage offerings for revenue generation, so I’m optimistic, and keeping my fingers crossed. Clubhouse does explain that the ultimate goal is to add the self-serve clubs feature to the app and once this happens, users will be able to “instantly” create a new club. Clubhouse is a little different to other social media and networking apps as it places a greater focus on audio conversations between users rather than text and image posts. These conversations take place within rooms and rooms are often found within clubs.

In this scenario an existing program model that is funded to provide services to people with mental illness reorganizes into a Clubhouse community (e.g. a day treatment or partial hospitalization program). This approach comes about as the result of advocacy on the part of the start-up group. It is usually only successful if the existing program is providing unsatisfactory services or is dissatisfied with its current model. The difficult part of this plan is that the people involved as employees or consumers of the existing program would have to adjust their roles from staff/client or therapist/patient to Clubhouse colleagues. On the other hand, this is many times the most expedient way to gain Clubhouse funding. To bring about this kind of change the start-up group will have to provide or arrange for education about the Clubhouse model for funders, staff and consumers of the existing program.