For example, if there’s a pin you posted a month ago that got a great response, why not repin it and get a higher response? This could be done with pins that you posted days, weeks or months ago. If you’re selling beauty products, clothes, accessories or footwear, your product Pins should use real people to model them in everyday life settings. Also, don’t forget to highlight the product in your model’s pose. Finding the optimal pinning time differs from brand to brand due to various factors. Which is why it makes sense to test and use the data you get to pin at the right times.

Pinterest rates you as a pinner based primarily on your content’s engagement rate. More saves and comments on your pins translate to a better rating for you as a content creator. If you’ve followed the instructions in part 2, you’ll already be well on your way to becoming a better pinner. However, to kick things up another notch, you’ll need to stay involved. Pinterest is one of those platforms that rewards users for producing a constant flow of fresh content. The Pinterest algorithm grades a pin partially on the reputation of its pinner (that’s you!).

Zero Cost Marketing Hacks To Boost Your Brand

Any time you can associate your brand with your industry or the local area, you should take advantage of it. Of course, not every pin is going to be excellent quality but ensuring most of them are can go a long way toward helping your marketing on the site. You should also have boards for your industry, products, and services. However, this can get you some traffic toward the review page, which can help ranking for your business name. You can also add the URL to your website and connect to your business Twitter and Facebook accounts. When you make your profile on Pinterest, you will have the option to hide it from search engines, which you will clearly not want to take advantage of.

THEIR. SCROLL when they are browsing through Pinterest or searching for something specific. Even if you’re not a beginner on Pinterest, I’m gonna bet that you can probably use a quick refresher about what Pinterest is REALLY for, from a consumer perspective. Because content creators tend to forget the most fundamental things about Pinterest USERS, and this hurts their growth. Whether I’m cooking up a new recipe, building gingerbread houses with my kids, or starting a new blog, Pinterest is where I go to find inspiration. It starts with narrowing down your focus, figuring out who your target audience is and what kind of stuff they are searching for online. Figure out if your target audience is spending time on Pinterest, and then act accordingly.

The Color Blue: History, Science, Facts

Even though hashtags are allowed on Pinterest, the platform isn’t a huge fan of seeing them in ads. They look spammy, and since you have the ability to add keywords to your campaigns, you shouldn’t need them anyway. Pinterest will let you have a few, so if you want to add in your company’s specific hashtag or promote one with your campaign, it shouldn’t be a problem. The platform allows you to associate up to 150 keywords per promoted pin, but that doesn’t mean you have to use that many. Most users recommend adding at least 30 keywords, and of course, make sure they’re relevant to both your pin itself and the page where users will land if they click. Targeting things that aren’t relevant will not only hurt your click through and conversion rates, but will result in wasted ad spend.

  • You can rank on search results by simply including the keyword you want to target in your description.
  • Rich pins add extra information to your pins directly from your blog.
  • If you sell products, Pinterest says that photographing them in lifestyle shots is more effective than displaying the product on its own.

Creative integration of Pinterest and the other social media used in your business’ marketing strategy can help to broaden awareness of your business and ultimately drive sales and conversions. With a Pinterest for business account, brands can create and manage a Pinterest marketing strategy that boosts brand awareness and drives traffic and conversions to their website. In this article, we discuss in detail what Pinterest marketing offers brands in terms of marketing power and what a Pinterest for business account can do for a business and their bottom line. Pinterest marketing is about a whole lot more than just creating boards download Pinterest filled with your products. Your strategy should include pins from other brands and influencers in your niche, and it should also have a social element. How about creating a few boards and inviting your audience to add pins?